1: A kudu, arms crossed.

Jackson: What did you eat for lunch yesterday?

Them: One of those lettuce wraps from near the pizza station.

Wouldn’t recommend it.

2: A hedgehog, looking sheepish.

Jackson: Have you noticed anyone else in the facility smelling different lately?

Them: Yeah, actually… not that I go around smelling everyone, but—

3: A quoll, thinking.

Jackson: When’s the last time you saw the ocean?

Them: Like, the ocean? Not just the Mediterranean? Uh…

4: A deer, confused.

Jackson: When’s the last time you spoke to your wife?

Them: Me? A wife? You must have the wrong file.

5: Ravolontsimitovy, lemur and head of the radiation lab, thinking.

Jackson: What shade of blue would you call the sky?

Them: I… never really thought about it. Don’t we just call that ‘sky blue’?

6: An anole, reaching into their pocket.

Jackson: Which model of phone did you have before your current one?

Them: What’s… that got to do with…

The J7, I think…?

7: Okpara, looking frustrated. Visual symbols of notes are displayed.

Jackson: What do you think of this music?

Okpara: Just sounds like noise to me…

8: A bull, looking surprised.

Jackson: You’re in a desert, walking along in the sand. You see a tortoise crawling towards you. You reach down and flip the tortoise over on its back.

Them: I do? Wait, when was I in the desert?

9: Jackson reviews notes on a tablet.