Meant to say this last week but we’ve got a new video up on YouTube!


1: Xijo sits in one of the testing chambers, dictating notes into a small device. Before him, trapped in a tube of glass, is the embryonic, mutated form of a sample of the Black Mass.
Xijo: I am here to observe test subject C-20.
This is one of the original specimen tested upon by the scientists in Sudan.

2: A view of the test subject, which has smoothed out into a sort of embryonic shape.
Xijo: Genetic samples imply radical and rapid shifts.
It is growing, or evolving, even without any further testing or interference.

3: The seated Xijo looking up at the sample.
Xijo: What these scientists have done here, purposeful or not… They have taken this thing and raised it to a level it should not be at. They have elevated a slug, a mold, to such heights…

4: Side view as he watches the inert mass.
Xijo: I am reminded of the myth of Xi’zak…
Grieving parents who lost a child when she was very, very young decide to raise a wild animal as if it were their child.
It seems to be a person, to have learned their ways, for years… until growing savage and deranged, killing them both.

5: A close-up of the mass.
Xijo: They took something low and tried to uplift it, and they paid the price.
Xi’zak… Is this what the Earth scientists have done?
Who will you slaughter?