1: Xijo sits in his room, facing a monitor.
Person on speaker: The prototype should arrive before the end of the day. We’ll ping you when it’s ready.

2: A view of the computer display: he’s in a call with someone, but there’s no webcam featured.
Xijo: I give thanks. I will need more test subjects ready at that time, also.
Speaker: Do we need to seed more Black Mass?
Oh, or- did you mean people?

3: Xijo averts his gaze, speaking sadly to himself.
Xijo: [untranslated alien speech]
Speaker: Doctor Xijo?

4: Xijo perks up and focuses.
Xijo: Ahm, I am sorry.
Pure samples of ‘it’, the Mass.
Our machine needs to stop it, make it freeze or flee…
Speaker: Understood.

5: A window on his computer displays the prototype of a machine.
Xijo: People are not the target.
It is.

6: He gets up and gets ready to go out.