1: We now see the Pharaoh in her room, an official looking conference room with more tapestries and flags. She sits back and sips from an ornate cup of tea.

Okpara: If I may ask something of you, ma’am…

Pharaoh: Of course.

Okpara: How much did Van Ly tell you?

2: The Pharaoh sets her cup down.

Pharaoh: He told me everything he thought was relevant and, when pressed for evidence, he provided it.

Whether I fully believe what I have seen is a different matter.

3: Okpara fidgets.

Okpara: We have done extensive tests and have no reason to doubt that this is a species-wide phenomenon.

Pharaoh: I am sure, yes… but the implications of this are so vast that I will not settle for anything less than absolute certainty of its worldwide, historical validity.

4: The Pharaoh’s imposing figure in the screen.

Pharaoh: Regardless, it changes nothing.

Okpara: Ma’am?

Pharaoh: I aim to keep my kingdom safe, regardless of what its citizens actually are.

There is no difference between this and the idea that we once evolved from primordial sludge.

We are Egyptians. We live and breathe now, as we are.