1: Okpara thinks a while, leaning back.

2: She leans forward to speak.
Okpara: How should I handle this, Njeri?
Njeri: She’s a professional woman, Zira, you don’t need to tiptoe through this.
Okpara: Right…
Forward the details to me and I’ll write up a report for her.

2: The two speak.
Njeri: Good. Ah…
One more thing, though.
Agent Jackson will be returning to the facility soon.
Okpara: The SIU agent? What’s he need from us?
Njeri: He’s been investigating the Doppelgangers.
Okpara: Doppelgangers? Here?
…I’m not sure what he thinks he’ll find that I can’t.
I’ve got a hold of every scrap of information entering and leaving this place-

4: Njeri leans in to speak.
Njeri: And yet, leaks still happen, either through aliens or some other espionage.
Now is not the time for pride. He’s here to help. Just let him do his thing and, please, provide for him anything he asks.

5: Okpara leans back and looks away, a little grumpy but taking it well.
Okpara: Of course.