1: Okpara sits near Njeri.
Njeri: Things seem quiet today, for now. There’s nothing you aren’t already handling, I’m sure.
I just wanted to tell you in person, Zira – Van Ly has informed the Pharaoh of what we’re doing here.

2: Okpara puts her head in her hands.
Okpara: So he went through with it…
Do you know what he showed her?

3: The two as they speak.
Njeri: Details of the meeting are understandably covert, but I’ve been told that photographs and clips of… it… have been very, very briefly shown to her.
Okpara: She doesn’t want to visit, does she?
Njeri: Yes, but Ly talked her out of it… for now, at least.

4: Okpara’s incredulous expression.
Njeri: She does want to speak to you directly, though.
Okpara: Me?

5: Njeri, calm.
Njeri: You are the head of the Department of Information, Zira. She needs to know how you’re handling the chaos.