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1: Everett, male cardinal, dyes Melissa’s hair a darker brown while engaged in conversation.
Jackson: It’s important that you two don’t see each other for a while.
You must be completely ignorant of each other’s cover stories, like you’re meeting for the first time.

2: Julia is putting in contacts, covering her green eyes with teal.
Jackson: One slip up, one brief instance of knowing something about the other that you shouldn’t, can blow your cover.

3: Jackson is speaking to now disguised Melissa in a hotel.
Jackson: This isn’t a quick operation. We can’t legally force you in, and you can’t simply show up and access the archives.

4: Melissa’s hands adjust a small pistol which is attached to her wrist, soon to be concealed by long sleeves.
Jackson: You must take your time. Be believable. Pace yourselves.

5: In a different hotel, Julia is studying papers and books, including lots of technical schematics and maps of the temple.. Her tech case rests on the floor beside her.
Jackson: I’ll help coach you both. Do whatever you can to stay in character.