1: Across a dark table are spread several files – fabricated entries of fake people and identities.
Caption: Five months ago…
Jackson: These repurposed identities should get you in just fine.
The histories are left vague and mostly unprovable, so you’ll have to fill in the gaps. Don’t stray too far from what you’re familiar with, it’ll help you keep things straight.

2: In a flashback, Jackson sits across from the Melissa and Julia in the secret basement of their home.
Jackson: Digital certificates, hacked databases… Everything should be in order. If you’re sure you still want to do this?
Mel: I’m sure.

3: Mel speaks with determination; Julia watches with a mixed expression.
Mel: We need what’s in that archive.
Everything I know of Kenazil, The Black Dog, is just trace evidence: shadows of the real body of work that the Vatican has locked away.
She’s real. I’ve seen her, I’ve felt her, but if we want to use her… or get her to help us, we need that book.