1: A paper carton containing cups of coffee is displayed.
Zara: Hi, Ms. Klein. Glad it’s not just us here.
Lea: Someone’s gotta keep the computers from melting.
Zamora: Triarius wants our doors to stay locked to the public, but he still wants things looking operational. We need to not look shuttered by the protest.
Zara: Right.

2: As Lea’s hand grabs her coffee, she discretely slips a piece of paper into the receipt which was stuffed into a cup holder.
Lea: Can do, Boss.

3: A computer monitor, muted, shows a news broadcast of the situation outside. In front of the crowd, one impassioned protester is being interviewed by the reporter, but no dialogue is heard.
Zamora: With us being so short-staffed, I may need the two of you to be a bit interdisciplinary today.
Lea: Right. Most of this place runs itself, thankfully, so I can be flexible. You should be able to focus on… archive stuff, I guess?
Zara: Of course. There’s always more to do in there.

4: Zara sets the coffee tray, with just her coffee and the papers left, down on a work desk littered in books.

5: She sits with her coffee in hand and holds the paper in the other hand.

6: The paper is the torn corner of a page with the word “TODAY” written on it.

7: Calmly, she sips her coffee and crumples the paper in her hand.