1: Seen from above, Zara sits at a computer, typing with one hand while the other refers to an old, open book.
Caption: Later…

2: She perks up as Lea’s metal tech case thuds upon her desk.
Lea (off screen): Mrs. Feynman!

3: Zara looks up to see Lea leaning on her table.
Zara: Lea… it’s been four months. You can call me Zara.
Lea: Fine, fine…
Zara, I need your help in the main temple.
Zara: Oh, I mean… I don’t know that tech stuff like you do…
Lea: I just need another set of hands to take care of some cables, and you’re the only other pair of hands around!
Zara: Right, I understand.

4: A cane clacks against the floor.
Zara: Have you spoken with Mr. Triarius yet?

5: Tullus Triarius – a tall, male sicilian wolf – looks suspiciously over his shoulders as he walks past, somewhere near in the facility.
Lea: Not yet, he looked… busy.