1: Lea adjusts some things on her desk, whereupon lays a heavy duty metal suitcase labeled “TechCore”.
Zamora: People have been accusing our temple of a lot of awful things… lies, appropriation, outright theft

2: Lea looks out a window through which can be seen the obelisk.
Lea: It was a lot of artifacts, Mrs. Zamora… I can’t really blame ’em.
“Mislabeling” shipping manifests isn’t a good look for the Vatican.

3: Zamora’s hands wring at the necklace she wears, a golden thread holding the symbol of Meli’dett.
Zamora: I wish I could disagree, dear.
These are trying times.

4: The two talk. Zamora seems to relax.
Lea: Shit, ma’am, we’re not the only ones here, are we?
Zamora: No, Tullus Triarius is here. He’s an Archdoyen from up north, he flew down to oversee things while the local officials have ducked out.
Lea: Oh, huh.

5: A quiet feline woman is seen wheeling a cart of books. She has brown fur and darker brown hair and she wears a yellow sweater.
Zamora: Oh, and Mrs. Feynman is here too, of course.