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1: At the edge of the crowd, a figure under a hooded coat swiftly sneaks towards the columns at the edge of the commons.

2: They tap a blue keycard to a door’s electronic lock.

3: She, a black furred wolf woman with long white hair, hangs her coat on a coat rack.
???: Oh, Ms. Klein, is that you?

4: She turns to face the camera. It is a black wolf with teal eyes, hair long and bright white, her fur showing subtle gray wolf patterning.
Lea: Yep, just me!
???: Thank the gods you came…

5: Lea meets with a tapir woman. She is softly built, dressed in colorful, traditional guna clothing and wears dull orange hearing aids.
Lea: Hey, Mrs. Zamora. How’re you holding up?
Zamora: Most people didn’t come in today, what with all of… this.
Lea: Uh huh… Well, I couldn’t just leave you here alone.
I’m worried about online attacks while all this is going on too…

6: Zamora and Lea head further into the building. White internal columns separate them from a series of work desks with computers.
Lea: I didn’t think it was gonna be that bad out there, but… the data that leaked…?
Zamora: I know…