1: The girls duck back into the side room. Zara is already focused on searching, but Lea seems distracted.
Lea: Mel… what the hell did we just do? What if he sees?
Zara: We don’t have a lot of time. He was going to shoot us.
Lea: We could have lied, or told him not to look… This could drive him insane.
Zara: One look didn’t break us, and we were there

2: Zara turns to face her. She’s looking distressed.
Zara: I didn’t want that to happen. It just… I guess I just panicked and said the truth.
What we’re trying to do is important.
Lea: It is, but, gods… that, on top of this protest?
It’s looking way worse than I wanted…

3: They face each other. Lea is looking away as if embarrassed. Zara is calming down and speaks with mild amusement.
Lea: I was only trying to… nudge them a little, create a distraction…
Zara: Well… people were just angrier than you thought…
That’s not your fault, hon.

4: Lea follows Zara as she turns to enter the side room.
Lea: You didn’t tell me you brought a gun…
Zara: They’re only rubber bullets.
Lea: I just hope you don’t have to use it.
Zara: Me too.
Lea: …He’ll be fine, right? Your dad saw that stuff a lot, and he seems okay.
Zara: Exactly.