1: Lea has further lowered her hands but is still doing her best to look innocuous.
Lea: She’s right. There’s a cover-up going on, they don’t want people to look too closely at the moon.
But… I think you’ve seen it…

2: Tullus’s worried expression as he watches her.
Tullus: You’re lying.
Lea: You know I’m not.
I know most Roman temples have private observatories… Ours is locked up, but is yours?
If you’ve seen it, then.. you know how bad it is.
We’re trying to fix it.

3: Tullus looks away and lowers his gun, thinking, looking worried.
Tullus: What is it?

4: Zara lowers her gun.
Zara: Go look.
Part of you will know.
Lea: M- Zara, no…

5: Tullus crouches a little and begins to hastily make his way to the left.
Tullus: By the Gods, if you’re lying…

6: He has hastily limped down the ramp to grab his cane.

7: He now quickly limps up a ramp to leave the area.