1: Lea leans to Zara, pleadingly.
Lea: Don’t…
Zara: Roman Orthodoxy loves moon rituals, even today, doesn’t it?
Surely you’ve looked at it? A lot, I bet.
It doesn’t seem off to you?

2: Tullus, looking angry.
Tullus: This is nonsense.
Zara: Isn’t it weird that all the news stations stopped mentioning the phase of the moon? No romantic close-ups of full moons? When’s the last time you even saw a telescope?

3: Tullus looks away for a second, thinking.

4: He looks back.
Tullus: What are you saying…?

5: Zara has not budged and is keeping her aim steady.
Zara: There’s something wrong with the moon.
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