1: Tullus smirks.
Tullus: Hm, “Mel”. I knew you two were lying.
Your internet footprints were so… algorithmic.

2: “Zara” stands confidently, her gun raised.
Zara: Listen. No one needs to get hurt tonight.
We’re here on a very important mission. We’re trying to help.

3: The two, aiming at each other.
Tullus: Trying to help? Help what? To pilfer our archives? More misguided garbage about appropriation?
I’m not going to argue about who these forgotten artifacts belong to now, after generations in our care.
Zara: No. I don’t care about all that, I don’t care about the protests.

4: Lea, looking meek.L
ea: I care…

5: Zara’s stern face.
Tullus: Then what do you two want? What are you “helping” with, exactly?
Zara: Have you looked at the moon lately?

6: Tullus’s surprised expression.