1: The girls get their hands up.
Lea: Whoa, whoa-whoa…
Zara: Easy now…
Tullus: Quiet.

2: Tullus keeps his gun trained on the girls.
Tullus: I knew you two were up to no good the moment I arrived.
Young girls from Cairo, showing up at the same time
Lea: Gods, why do you have a gun, this is a temple!

3: Lea takes a tiny step forward, still keeping her hands in view. Behind her, Zara has moved her hands closer together above her head.
Lea: Mr. Triarius, please… We’re not here to cause trouble, I swear.
Tullus: Stay still.
Lea: We’re still. We’re good. Just don’t do anything rash, okay? We can talk this out.

4: Zara’s hands together, she unlatches something near the wrist under her sleeve.

5: She swiftly moves her arm down revealing a small, discrete gun of her own.

6: Lea backs up further as Tullus aims his gun at Zara.
Tullus: Whoa, now. Careful.
Lea: Mel! Why do you have a gun? Why does everyone have guns?!