1: A view through a window shows the sky darkening into night.

2: At Lea’s work station, a computer screen shows the situation outside – the crowd is getting increasingly restless as Vatican security has begun to press closer. On-screen news text hints at reports of violence, with blocking closed captioning reading simply “RUMORS OF ARRESTS AND PROTESTERS THROWING STONES HAVE BEEN”. Lea’s hand is seen tapping on a phone which rests on the desktop.
Zamora: Ms. Klein, Mrs. Feynman…

2: The two stand facing Zamora.
Zamora: Thank you for staying as long as you have, but I think it’s best if you two got home now.
Lea: Dang, you sure?
Zara: She’s right, the crowd is getting worse…

3: Seen from above, Lea begins to pack up her stuff.
Zamora: I’m sure everything will be fine, but it’d make me feel much better if I knew you both slipped out safe.
Lea: Right. Okay, Mala.
You be safe too, alright?
Zamora: Yes, yes.
Take the back way to the staff parking area.

4: The two girls head towards the back entrance of the facility.

5: Around a corner, Triarius watches them suspiciously.