1: Feynman’s hand holds up Mala’s key card to a metal door, which beeps in response.

2: Feynman leads Klein down a long, wide flight of stairs.

3: They reach the bottom. The floor here has changed from the somewhat modern tiling of the upper archives to a more antique looking pattern. The walls are lined with bookshelves and the center of the room hosts two rows of tables – essentially a small, hidden library. The farthest wall from them features tall bookshelves.
Lea: This isn’t quite as arcane as I expected…
Zara: It’s an archive, not a secret crypt.

4: They approach a book case at the far wall.
Zara: Here, this one.

5: Backs against it, they slowly slide it to the side – its bottom revealing discrete metal rails.

6: An older wooden door is locked by metal grating, now revealed with the bookcase moved.
Lea: See, that’s more like it.