1: In Zara’s hand is a small scrap of papers with numbers on them.

2: She stands by a sort of metal locker and is tapping the code into it, but is getting beeps of denial.

3: Zamora approaches from behind. Feynman turns to face her, hiding the note out of view.
Zamora: You okay, dearie?
Zara: Ah! Yes, no… Sorry.
I know I’m not allowed in this thing, but my keycard stopped working. With everything going on, I wanted to save you the trouble, but…

4: Zamora’s hand taps at the numbers.
Zamora: Here. Just don’t tell Triarius.

5: Zara’s eyes very carefully take note of the number sequence as the locker beeps in confirmation.

6: The case is opened, revealing several key cards and sets of older looking physical keys.