1: Tullus tilts his head curiously, half smirking.
Tullus: Have we met, Ms. Klein?

2: Lea watches him quizzically, shrugging.
Lea: Once, I think. You were here visiting two months ago, for…
I think you needed some old letters for a speech?
Tullus: I don’t recall, but… maybe. Your face just seems familiar…
Lea: Beats me.

3: Tullus’s hand fiddles around with something on the desk.
Tullus: You’re… Egyptian, right? Your accent is slight, but I recognize it.
Lea: Guilty.

4: Tullus is looking down at the desk, not at her.
Tullus: Any insight on the protests today?

5: Lea looks worriedly out the window, eyes wide and reflecting the bright light from outdoors.

6: Another view of the two of them speaking – facing each other but keeping distant.
Lea: I don’t have much to say about it, sir.
Tullus: Ms. Klein… in times like this, it’s important that we’re all on the same team.