1: The two return to the library, entering through a side door together.
Zara: I’ve got a big pile of things that need to be cataloged still, I’d better get back to it.
Lea: Good luck! Thanks again!

2: Lea, holding her case in front of her hips, perks up in surprise as she walks.

3: Looming over her desk is the tall canine figure of Triarius.
Lea: Doyen… Triarius?

4: He turns partially to face her.
Triarius: Oh, Ms. Klein. Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be nosy.
Lea: All good. You need something?

5: The two stand pretty far part as they speak.
Triarius: Something’s wrong with the visitor center terminals, but… Well, I was just reviewing some of your modifications to the internal network.
You’ve done a lot, these past few months.
Lea: Oh, only what I had to, sir. A lot of this was either old tech or wasn’t set up properly.
Tullus: Of course.