1: A computer, like a small server, is revealed hidden inside a wooden post. Lea’s suitcase is opened up and plugged into it, showing a tablet screen inside along with several wires and different data cards.
Lea: Here, plug these in…
Unplug them as soon as I say.
Right… now. Good.
Now plug this in…

2: Lea is typing away. Zara quietly watches her with a slight smile.
Lea: A lot of higher-priority security programs are routed through this terminal for emergency use… So, once I trick it into letting me in, we should have easier access to the archives…

3: Zara, sitting beside Lea, gazes up at the ceiling.

4: One of the numerous paintings on the ceiling shows a divine osprey ripping apart the flesh of a massive octopus, showing a part of the fabled creation myth.