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1: Silent computer screen footage of the outside shows the obelisk being wrapped up in tarp and carried by several people.
Lea: Well, I’m here, and not out there protesting. Hopefully that tells you all you need to know?
Tullus: It tells me leagues! Forgive me… You’re the only one working in this temple who follows Egyptian Orthodoxy, so… if I’m to keep the temple safe, I have to ask the question.

2: Tullus, squinting with a faux smile towards Klein.
Tullus: I just want to know that we can trust you.

3: Lea looks agitated.
Lea: If you’re worried I might start breaking windows or stealing artifacts, then… Well, first off, how dare you?
I traveled a long way to work here, at the center of the religious world, and I’ve done my best to help however I can since I got here.

4: Tullus no longer looks amused.
Lea: But, if we’re being honest, there’s little I could do that would be worse than what the temple already did to itself. The people out there in the commons aren’t there for no reason.

7: The two in a stand-off.

8: They haven’t moved.
Lea: Didn’t you need me for something?

9: A close-up of Tullus, turning to leave.
Tullus: Mmm. The Children’s Center.
Lea: On it.