1: Julia is shaking the hand of Agent Everett, a strongly built male cardinal.
Jackson: This is Agent Everett, he worked with Melissa while we were out of commission.
Everett: [Unintelligible avian speak]
Julia: Yeah, that’s not getting old.
Nice to meet you.

2: Melissa peeks in around the corner.
Mel: I thought I heard the soothing tones of trained government assassins.
Jackson: We’re not… Hello, Melissa.
Everett:[Unintelligible avian speak]

3: Everett has approached to playfully punch on Mel’s shoulder, who’s laughing and pushing him back.
Everett:[Unintelligible avian speak]
el: Behaving? How dare you, I would never behave.

4: Julia leans to Jackson and speaks discretely.
Julia: When did she learn bird-talk?
Jackson: You were a half-monster for six months, she had time.
Julia: And what did you get done while I was a half-monster?
Jackson: Practiced my juggling.
What do you think I was doing? I was in the hospital.
Julia: Excuses, excuses.