1: A moving van labeled “PRIME MOVERS” is parked outside their house in the orange light of late afternoon.
Julia: I think that’s the movers…
Mel: Finally.
Could you get that?

2: Julia monitors the entrance of one mover, a raccoon in a gray coverall, sunglasses, and a hat.
Julia: Kinda expected you all to get here last night.
Mover: Sorry, Ms. King…

3: The raccoon, having set a box down, turns and lifts his hat to show that he is Agent Jackson, eyes obscured as always by sunglasses.
Jackson: …But some shady government people slowed us down.
Julia: Jackson?! Holy shit.

4: Agent Avery, a bluejay, and Agent Everett, a cardinal, are seen tilting their caps up as well.
Jackson: What other raccoon do you see walking around with a bunch of birds, anyways?
Julia: Isn’t it your job to be anonymous and unrecognizable?
Jackson: And you let us right inside. You’ve got to bolster your security.
Julia: You are my security, doofus.