1: The two facing each other at the table. Mel is smiling.
Mel: Since the moving people said there was a delay with the rest of our furniture, we have some time… I was thinking, maybe… we could find something to do in town?
Find somewhere nice to eat, maybe take a walk in that park nearby?

2: Julia looks concerned as she thinks and looks to Mel.

3: In Julia’s view, Mel is seen to be something worse, something writhing with tentacles and glaring eyes – Julia can’t help but contemplate the dark writhing hidden in Mel, and herself.

4: She looks away, down at her tablet.
Julia: I can’t today, I’m sorry. I…
It’s a bit much for me today, and with all this moving shit…

5: Julia stands. Mel is feigning a smile.
Mel: That’s okay. I understand, honey.
I should get back to some of my research anyways.
Julia: Let me get these plates.

6: Julia having left, Mel looks away, expression both stern and vacant, a cold look.