1: Mel is pouring coffee into two mugs while Julia, back to us, is swiping at a tablet. Moving crates are stacked against a wall of the dining room and various dishware is seen unpacked but still wrapped in bubblewrap.

2: Mel delivers the coffee. Remnants of a finished breakfast lay on the table. Julia keeps her eye on her tablet.
Mel: No hacking at the table, hon.
Julia:We have a date for when Kastos arrives.
Mel:A date for, or with?
Julia: F- Mel.
Mel: Heheee.

3: Julia sips her coffee while listening to Mel.
Mel: Took longer than I thought it would, but… good. I’ll line up some of the research we wanted him to look at.

4: Julia snorts into her coffee, surprised and concerned.
Mel: …Speaking of dating, though…