I want Julia’s PJs ;;


1: A modern house in whites and red is seen in the daytime.

2: A large pile of personal belongings are spread across the floor including books, computer cartridges, rolled posters, figurines, plush toys from an aquarium, and a salt lamp.

Mel: What about this?
Julia: Ugh, so… a friend from Europe sent me that, but he got really, really creepy and clingy afterwards, so… dump it.
Mel: Then… why’d you pack it?
Julia: I… wasn’t paying attention. The move happened so fast, I just shoved everything I had into boxes.

3: Julia and Melissa are knelt on the ground, looking at each other. Melissa, in her hands, holds a really worn out, torn, dirty stuffed penguin. They are dressed in pajamas, Julia’s a cow print set. They both look happy.

Julia: So, speaking of throwing things out—
Mel: Penguin stays.
Julia: It’s filthy. Half of it is burnt. It’s a zombie penguin.
You hold in your hands the corpse of a penguin.
Mel: Penguin stays.
I’d keep you if you were a half-burnt corpse.
Julia: Nice, I get to be a zombie wife.