We’re back, babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


1: Julia and Melissa talk to Jackson.
Julia: So, besides letting us see trained government agents do manual labor – which is such a gift, by the way… what brings you out here?
Jackson: Actually… I have a few things to discuss, if we can take this somewhere private?
Julia: Mhmm, I figured.

2: Jackson turns to Avery and Everett as they move boxes in. Avery has raised a thumbs up.
Jackson: You two got this?

3: As Jackson turns around the corner, Avery, having only been holding a box with one hand, nearly loses grip in a brief comical flash of boxes almost falling.

4: Julia and Melissa lead Jackson across the living room towards a door.
Jackson: How has the new house been treating you?
Mel: It’s weirdly big for just us. It’s nice though, I like it.
Julia: It is nice yeah, really windy neighborhood though.
Jackson: Windy?
Julia: Yeah, less buildings breaking up the wind here in the suburbs, I guess? I’m so used to living in the proper city.
It’s good though, yeah. Thinking of converting one of the rooms into a ball pit.