1: Okpara stands, hands on the table.

Okpara: The more people that know about this, the more of a risk it becomes. These are dire secrets! The exposure is too high as it is!

2: Ly cannot make eye contact with anyone, still looking to the side.

Ly: She’s become suspicious of our projects. We can’t legally keep this from her.

3: Head tilted, Okpara squints incredulously.

Okpara: The legality of any of this hasn’t stopped you before.

4: Rav is seated, now overtly wringing her striped tail in her hands.

Rav: She cannot know what we’ve learned. If she learns what we all are inside…

5: The table falls silent as everyone contemplates what they now know. Many are visibly upset at the reminder. Rav is crying into her hand.

6: Van Ly still sits calmly, looking down and away, consumed by thought.

Ly: She has to know. With everything we are attempting, we need as much help as we can get.

She can handle this. She can handle secrecy.

She needs to know exactly what she presides over.