1: Van Ly laces his fingers together as he calmly speaks to the group.

Ly: Unless another plan is proposed, I’d like us to pursue the idea of a radiation weapon. If this lab’s team is able to create a device that can, at the very least, keep a task force safe from the Black Mass, it will be enough for them to retrieve the silver spires for further study and use against it.

Njeri, I’d like you to begin establishing a team willing to enter the lunar portal. Develop the environmental suits and a plan to bring back samples of the silver spires.

2: Okpara sits back with a subtle smile.

Njeri: I’ll enlist Mr. Jelani of course, but Ms. Okpara, if you do not mind assisting?
Okpara: I wouldn’t trust you without me.

3: Ly leans forward, hand to his forehead as he looks away.

Ly: The rest of you need to continue developing projects.


need to tell the Pharaoh.

4: Everyone around the table stands or sits up.

Dogo: Now, wait!

Jelani: I wouldn’t…

Okpara: You can’t!