1: The group leader, a tall and thin flying fox, speaks while looking down at his tablet. The screen behind him shows footage of inside the tunnel, the fleshy floors.

Ly: Robotic drone footage shows that the facility on the lunar surface has been completely engulfed in Black Mass. It covers every wall and floor, which means no living thing can safely enter. All drones so far have been destroyed within moments.

It may be inert on the moon’s surface, but it is still alive within those tunnels.

2: Merin Dogo, an overweight, bespectacled lion, speaks.

Dogo: One proposition was to land drilling equipment on the moon and enter the cavern’s assumed location from above. However, production will take far too long, and opening that cavern has a high risk of letting more of… it escape.

We’re still working to produce the machinery, but this should be considered a back-up plan at best.

3: A scrawny ring-tailed lemur girl speaks, a hand discretely at her side to nervously wring at her tail. Her full name was the unwieldy Ravolontsimitovy, an old Madagascar name.

Rav: We may have to rely on the radiation studies. Doctor Xijo has volunteered to postpone his return home to help, he is the leading expert on Shankar radiation on both worlds. Interrogation of Ahmes showed how disorienting it can be to the Black Mass.

We don’t fully understand the variety of effects it seems to have, yet, but our working theory is that the radiation could be used to keep the lunar infection away from any astronauts.

4: Njeri speaks with concern.

Njeri: I’d like us to keep in mind that Sedjet Ahmes, who is still under criminal investigation due to the incident, is still considered mentally unstable. We cannot fully trust his insight.

His radiation nullifying experiments were extremely dangerous and there was nearly a wide-spread outbreak-

Rav: My facility is far more secure. The experiments should have been kept entirely here, in Sudan, from the beginning.

His findings were confirmed by our experiments, “mentally unstable” or not.

5: Tatla Jelani, a thin and professionally-dressed moose with cropped antlers, speaks with hands folded.

Jelani: There are other options, but they come with more risks and are… louder. We have yet to test if nuclear weaponry is enough to destroy it.

Okpara: It would be hard to hide that one…