1: The Sudan lab is now seen as it is that night, a lit building in dark desert. Heavy fences surround it on all sides and robotic drones patrol it from above.

2: An elevator shaft extends down into darkness as voices are heard, safe underground.

Ly: The media blackout won’t work forever… it barely works as it is.

3: In a dark, clean meeting room, several governmental officials sit facing each other, all on view sat at a large, glossy table. On the wall near them is a large screen, currently displaying a view of the black mass outbreak on the moon, censored by a pixelated mosaic. The meeting includes:

Van Ly, a male flying fox: member of Egyptian Parliament.
Njeri, a male painted dog: archaeologist and computer scientist.
Zira Okpara, female dik dik: head of the Department of Information.
Merin Dogo, a male lion: representative of the ERSO.
Tatla Jelani, male moose: part of the government’s covert military operations.
Ravolontsimitovy, or “Rav” for short, a female ring tailed lemur: the head of the Radiation Lab.

Ly: The Black Mass may have stopped its spread, and appears to be inert, but its presence in visual range has the potential to cause one of the worst disasters in history.

This is no hyperbole; all evidence shows that the mere sight of the Black Mass can cause incredible mental disturbance.

4: Zira Okpara speaks very calmly. She wears a necklace of the Farmer King’s spear, a two-pronged fork in red metal.

Okpara: If we censor the media any harder than we are doing now, the cover-up only becomes more obvious. It’s barely working now, and there are still videos and photographs leaking online.
We simply don’t have the technology to obscure a new lunar feature, and likely won’t in any reasonable time frame.

5: Njeri looks down as he speaks, tapping at a tablet.

Njeri: As of now, we only have one reliable way to disable Black Mass, but more of that resource could not be in a more disadvantageous location.

6: The screen on the wall now displays helmet footage of inside the lunar temple, where tall, forked spires of silver stand upright from a vast cave of black flesh.

Njeri: The spires seen in the lunar cave are believed to be of the same unknown substance as EA-056, the Silver Idol.

Okpara: Why the hell do they look like the Farmer’s Spear?

Njeri: We have theories, but nothing substantial. If it’s not coincidence, the implications are too dire to worry about right now.