1: As he speaks, Sal is typing away at his computer.

Sal: I need to go down there. I need to know what they’re doing.

Kay: You don’t need to do that…

Sal: I’ll rephrase. I’m going to go down there.

Kay: Then I’ll rephrase. I really, really hope you don’t, Sal.

2: Playing on his screen is footage of a crate being discretely loaded into a van, filmed from behind a chain link fence – the raw footage of a file Julia showed Melissa in Issue 1.

Sal: It’s important… Someone has to do this, someone has to make sure these secrets aren’t kept from us!

Kay: This shit is exactly how you got arrested, remember?

3: A poster on his wall warns of the “SIGNS of the BUGMEN”, including “the scent of WITCH HAZEL”, “hates ALL MUSIC”, “can’t eat FISH”, and “NO TOES”, ending with the misspelled warning, “BE VIGILENT”

Sal: That won’t happen again! I’m prepared this time!

4: Sal paces his room, walking near his window, where a small, portable satellite dish was set up. A small tablet-like computer is attached to it by wires.

Kay: You’re still gonna have to break into a government facility. How the heck are you gonna do that?

Sal: Not break in. Just…


Kay: Sal!

Sal: I’m just going to look, okay? From outside.

5: A web page shows a photograph of the Sudan Particle Emissions lab: a grey, brutalist building in the desert.

Sal: I know where to go. I’m just going to see what’s there. Nothing else.