1: In a small, cluttered work station of computers, models, and books – all tangled in wires – a young man speaks through his headset while typing at his computer. Salvino, Sal for short, is a lowland streaked tenrec of lanky build, his hair-like quills wildly unkempt and dyed green to contrast the otherwise bright yellow stripes across his body. Potted plants keep him company, as does a poster on the wall. Kay speaks to him through his headset.

Sal: You got it?
Kay: Um, yeah, yeah…
What am I looking at, again?

2: His computer screen shows the voice call he’s in. Kay’s online avatar is a stylized drawing of the solar system, while Sal’s is a geometric snake in green and yellow.
Sal: Shipping manifests, tracking numbers, traffic reports… They all show the government shipping things to somewhere in Sudan.
Kay: Mhm, and you… think this is part of the cover-up?
Sal: Yes! It’s just like I’ve been saying, Kay!
Observatories being shut down, factories stopping production, all parts being shipped to secure locations…
Kay: It’s not-

3: By his computer are a lot of books, many of which seem to be about governmental conspiracy and feature declassified reports and documents. A yellow and green snake plush rests atop his books.
Kay: I usually regret asking this, but… okay, Sal… what do you think they’re hiding this time?

4: On the computer screen is a blurry photograph of the lunar surface, showing a dark splotch.
Sal: The moon.
Kay: You said “the moon”, right…
Sal: There’s something on it that they don’t want us to see.
Alien life? A secret base? Is there a pyramid up there?
It’s a media blackout on the moon itself!

Hover text: Ssssssssssssssuspicious.