1: Sal’s old electric car, much of its hood and roof decorated in triangular solar panels and clearly in bad shape, rolls across a city road. The lyrics of his music are playing from his car stereo.
Kay: Hey, you’re gonna be past the Wall, right?
Sal: Yeah.
Kay: Buy me some fireworks?
Sal: Fireworks?
Kay: Yeeaaaahhh sometimes you see a stall or two out there.
Sal: Ahaha. We’ll see.

Lyrics: Voices from black skies
Bleeding from the lips
And pouring down
Upon our crumbling monuments.

Tear the clouds asunder
Let the stars descend
To boil dark oceans
Drag the sons of Earth into the ground

2: Sal watches the road as a gas station passes over his left.
Sal: Hey, um… weird question maybe, but… you heard from Cassie at all lately?

3: Sal drives past a church of the Farmer, its broken pitchfork raised high in the air and painted bright red.
Kay: Uh… no…
No, she hasn’t really been around for a while now…
Sal: Sorry to ask, probably a sensitive topic-
Kay: No, no it’s fine, really! It’s fine.
But, no, I haven’t heard from her in… maybe eight months?

Lyrics: I will leave this world behind
I will walk through the darkness
Between all the stars

4: Through the window, we see “Imago Printing” fly past, the storefront shown to be out of business.
Sal: I’m sorry.
Kay: It’s fine. We’re fine here, I’ve got Jess.
Sal: Say hey to Jess for me.

Lyrics: I will burn this empty shell
Destroying myself
To become divine

8-9: He has now driven out of the city and past the great Wall of Egypt, the vast desert opening up around him.
Sal: I’m outside the Wall now, so I think I’m going to disconnect. I gotta focus on these directions. Not much GPS help out here.
Kay: Salvino, please, please be careful… don’t do anything stupid!

Lyrics: The silver eye was watching
The scent of the forest waiting
Blood in my mouth…

Bare your fangs
Let it out until you