1: Sal’s car rolls across a desert road, obstructed from view by a mesh fence.

2: A sign on a fence reads:

3: Through the camera of his phone, he is seen studying the fence as he drives.
Sal: When I looked this place up, it didn’t look nearly as guarded… A lot of these fences are new.

4: A drone flies overhead, kept aloft by three bladeless fans.
Sal: They got drones, too, of course they got drones, damn bugs…

5: Sal holds his camera in his hands, filming himself head-on.
Sal: It’s getting dark. I don’t see any way in, like, at all, and the main building’s too far away to photograph. I’m gonna eat and find a hotel, or something.

6: A dark figure watches him from a distance, obscured in the shadow of a building.