1: Rav shakes Xijo’s hand. They stand in a small sort of transportation bay with small wheeled cars against the wall. They are in pale blue biohazard suits to keep everything sterile, which allows Xijo to go without a breather mask.
Rav: Doctor Xijo, a pleasure to meet you in person.
Xijo: I give thanks, Doctor Ravolontsimitovy. Happy to see your works.

2: Seen from above, the two are now in one of the carts, backing away from the wall.
Rav: Welcome to Sub-Section C, where our most covert and dangerous experiments are carried out.
Our test chambers are designed to prevent any radiation leaks. We can adjust and maintain background levels of Shankar radiation found in the atmosphere.

3: They roll slowly down a long hallway lined with very thick doors widely spread out from each other. Between the rooms are small depressions in the wall into which the cart would fit.
Rav: Visual exposure for us is extremely limited and allowed only in short durations.
As someone immune to the effects of these samples, this gives you a unique advantage.
Heh… I just wish we had a few more of you down here to help.

4: Xijo is looking to his side as they pass by rooms.
Xijo: Has each compartment… it contains a sample?
Rav: Correct. This allows us to perform multiple experiments at once.
Xijo: How have you such… many samples of it?
Rav: We found an efficient nutrient slurry that allows for samples of the Black Mass to grow and replicate.

5: Rav looks over her shoulder at Xijo.
Xijo: You… feed it? You make more?!
Rav: Our process can be very destructive. If we want to understand this thing, we need as much as we can get.
Xijo: [martian exclamation]