1: The cart stops by a room labeled C-11.
Rav: I’d like you to take a quick look inside one of the chambers and familiarize yourself with it. All chambers are identical except for any incidental scientific gear.
You’ll go in alone this time, to reduce my exposure.
Xijo: I understand.

2: The thick door closes behind Xijo, with the cart seen through the door.
Rav: Communication check.
Xijo: I hear.

3: Xijo stares down a short hallway to a circular room. In the center is a sample of the Black Mass in a thick glass container. It is a multi-eyed mass if black flesh, drooling blacker fluids from a gaping, toothy mouth. Pale, white walls have embedded in them various cameras, detectors, and emitters and a horizontal stripe of gray bears “C-11” in bold, white lettering.
Xijo: There are… more of it than I thought. This is a big sample.
Rav: More mass means more to react to different radiation and chemical tests.

4: Xijo approaches a blank control console.
Rav: All that being said, even the most irradiated and destroyed sample can still be revitalized, given the right mixture of Black Mass infusion and nutrients.
As long as it is not completely obliterated, it can come back to life.

5: The sampleĀ  looks at Xijo – small eyes turning and blinking at him, focusing.
Rav: The control panels on the left and right all connect to the machinery.
You were already given some documents about the interface…

6: Eyes wide, mouth drooling, the sample continues to stare.