1: Arms out, Xijo stands near the door of the room, being sprayed with a decontaminate gas.

2: Xijo sits into a cart with Rav at the wheel.
Xijo: I do not think this is an effective use of the time.
There are infinite combinations of waveform…
Rav: I agree.

3 The cart drives slowly down the hallway, past another cart in motion.
Xijo: I am formulating a theory, but I need more data first.
Rav: Mhmm. Well, before we make more theories, you need to see everything first.
I’m taking you to lab twenty.

4: A file of papers is handed to Xijo.
Rav: You’ll want to look these over.

5: The paper shows a sample of Black Mass being slowly mutated over time. It grows coral like structures, and then cycles through other, stranger shapes.
Xijo: The original test sample…?