1: Xijo stands still, touching the panel, looking up
Xijo: I am initiating the Shankar radiations stream.

2: The sample of black mass twitches, flinching away from the glass panel on which it leaned.

3: It starts to shudder and shake, whipping itself against the glass with dull thuds, leaking black fluid profusely.
Xijo: It… moves? Fast? It is very rapid? Ah! ‘Twitching’. Also leaking.
No mutations. This could be a triggered aggressions response.

4: Xijo’s gloved finger streaks across glass to turn a digital dial.
Xijo: I am applying modulation.

5: The sample presses against the glass and is still, its black surface hardening into solid shell.
Xijo: It is now still. There is mutation. It… hardens like, ah, ‘armor’.
[martian swear]
This was only a small change to the wavelength.