1: Xijo stands alone within a testing chamber, facing a small sample of Black Mass. He stands over a control panel as Rav speaks to him through his suit.
Rav: So far, there has been no consistent correlation between the radiation waveforms and their effects on the samples. Even small, subtle changes to the equation can create drastically different effects.

2: Xijo looks down as he listens, tapping at the touch screen of the control tower.
Rav: I’d like you to run through different waveforms. The effects will be recorded. You will be able to study the visual differences more closely, you’re the only one who… um, you’re not like us, you… *clck*

3: He looks up in confusion as the comm has gone silent.

4: Outside the testing chamber, in the hallway, Rav had been standing and leaning against the wall near an emergency control panel. She is bent down a little, holding her head through the hazmat helmet, tears dripping against the visor of her suit.
Xijo: Doctor Ravolontsimitovy?

4:Now knelt on the ground, she taps the communicator on her wrist.
Rav: …Just begin the experiment, please.