1: Xijo stands alone in a small, private apartment. Standing near his bead, he leans against a wall, which has a large display of multicolored moss. The ceiling of the room has vents which keep the room at a more comfortable air pressure and composition for martians.

2: A small plaque beneath the moss explains that it is imported Martian moss. Xijo’s bare hand strokes against it. The door bell beeps.
*beep beep*

3: Xijo now stands by a window to his room. Hitting a button, a metal shade is sliding upwards.

4: Through the window, Vidali is revealed! She is holding a paper bag with the logo of a bagel shop. Behind her is seen the a hallway – this is still underground.
Xijo: Vidali Dara?
Vidali: Let me in, loser!

5: Vidali now stands in an airlock. Bag set down on a small bench, she’s adjusting a breathing mask to her face.
Xijo (through a speaker): I thank you for coming to see me.
Vidali: Got another top secret delivery for you!
Xijo: More, ah, ‘pizza’?
Vildai: Not for breakfast, silly.