1: The beep of his alarm awakens Sal in the backseat of his car, covered in a thin sheet. Thin scars litter his chest. His snake necklace is hung safely from the neck of a blue plush toy.

2: He drives along a dirt road. On the side of the road is a wheeled, wooden cart selling fireworks and other less-than-legal goods like ivory pocket knives and flashdrives full of pirated films. An elderly horse runs the stall.

3: In a drive-through, he’s being handed a bag of food.

4: He sits with legs hung out the open door of his car, eating fast food. He is parked somewhere in the desert, overlooked by a dead, barren tree.

5: Sipping on a milkshake, he pops open the trunk of his car.

6: Within his trunk is a collection of survival gear including a first aid kit, car repair packs, blankets, and a megaphone. There is also a pair of large speakers and a heavy subwoofer. A pack of fireworks have been recently squeezed into the trunk.