1: In the Sudan radiation lab, the cart is returning to the garage.
Rav: It’s getting late and you’ll want to sleep. We’ll get to decontamination.
Xijo: I have hope to start working right away.

2: The cart now parked, Xijo is standing and exiting, but holding his head through the suit.
Xijo: There is little time, and I… there is… hf…

3: Rav doesn’t turn to look at him this time.
Rav: You didn’t sleep at all today, did you?

4: Xijo is leaning on the cart, bent down some, catching his breath.
Xijo: There is… works to be done.
Rav: Doctor Xijo, you’ll be useless if you’re exhausted. We all need rest.
Sleep. Our work is around-the-clock, which means some of us will be awake when you’re back up.

5: Xijo departs towards the left, leaving Rav in the cart.
Xijo: I affirm. Ahm… ‘okay’.
Rav: Good night, doctor.

6: Rav taps at the controller on her wrist.
Rav: Doctor Misra, please meet me in C-20.
One last experiment for the night.