1: Sal peeks out his window from between two curtains closed tight.
Sal: They’re laying a trap for me. But I know it’s a trap. I can work around this.
Kay: Sal… This is going too far, it-

2: Sal looks to his side as he listens to his headset.
Kay: No, sweetie, get off the keyboard!
Shoo! Off!

3: Sal’s view of the street below shows an empty city cast in darkness, lit by green, algea-filled lights. A darkened figure seems to look over their shoulder at Sal as they walk by; another is sat on the ground against a wall, homeless. Graffiti on a sandstone walls reads “WE’RE LIVING A LIE”.
Kay: Not gonna bother trying to talk you out of it. I just wish I was there to help, to keep you safe…
Be careful out there, stupid lil noodle.
Sal: Always am.

4: His finger taps at his phone to open his media player.

5: He hurriedly gathers things off tables, packing to leave.
Sal: Stupid…
Stupid… idiot… shouldn’t’ve got a hotel.
They knew exactly where I was…

Lyrics: The veil is down
You won’t crawl away this time
Living a lie
This whole world has been waiting
Escaping the dark
Living a god damn lie