1: Sal is curled up in blankets on the hotel bed. Headset in and plush snake in his arms, he has his cellphone and the written note beside him.
Sal: Kay…
Kay: Did the bugs get you?
Sal: No, but I think they found me. One came to my room disguised as staff.
Kay: How’d you know it was a bug?
What’d they smell like?
Sal: What?
Kay: What’s that thing you think bugmen smell like?
Sal: Witch hazel. I don’t know. No, no, I didn’t smell anything.
Kay: Then it’s probably just staff?
Sal: He mentioned Cassie.
Kay: What?

2: The satellite internet dish is seen by the hotel window, the tablet attached alight with recent activity.
Sal: He gave me a note and said that someone named Cassie called with it.
They must have gained access to… something about me… I re-encrypted everything just to be sure. They can’t’ve gotten into my network, I…
Kay, could it actually be her?
Kay: No… It can’t be. I don’t know how they know that name, but it’s not her.
Sal: I didn’t think so…

3: Sal is sitting up now, the note unfolded in his hand, his other hand tapping at his phone.
Sal: This is… these are satellite frequencies and… encryption keys?
And coordinates… it looks like they point to somewhere near that lab…
I think this might be a way for my little dish to connect to their network.

4: In the reflection of the hotel’s flat screen, Sal is seen to curl back up into blankets. The television has been unplugged and all the papers and such around it are in disarray.
Kay: Cassie can’t have possibly known any of that.
Sal: No… I think they misstepped. This is a trap. They want me to go there.
I doubt these keys will let me into their systems, but if I can get a ping, I can maybe decrypt it later…
This might be a way to find out what they’re doing there, trap or not.