1: Sal’s eyes peek through the door, opened just a crack.
Sal: Hello?
Man: Mr. Chairez, I have a message for you.

2: Sal opens the door more, to the limit of the chain lock. The manager is barely seen in the lit hallways and is passing a folded white paper in through the door’s opening.
Sal: Message?
Man: A “Cassie” called and wanted a note delivered to you.
Sal: Ca… um, okay. Thank you.

3: The door closed, Sal’s ear is pressed to it again, listening to the sounds of footsteps fade away.

4: He holds his face with one hand, the other clutching the paper, the runs towards the bed.
Sal: Oh shit, oh fuck, oh shit shit shit! They found me!

5: He tries unsuccessfully to crawl under the bed.
Sal: I’m gonna get disintegrated by a bug person…