1: In the master bedroom, the dad is taking his shirt off. The mom is lounging on the bed, tapping at her phone.
Mom: It’s a weird time in a girl’s life, dear. They’re going to get moody and say things they don’t mean.
Dad: I guess… it just surprised me. Things were going so good.

2: Dad slips into the bed.
Mom: Things were going so well.
Dad: Okay, professor.

3: They lay facing each other, the mom is looking sly and smiling.
Dad: I don’t know. Do all girls do this? Did you spend all night, every night, staring at the stars in your room, alone?
Mom: Oh, no, I had way too many boyfriends at the time to do that stuff.

4: The dad is playfully pushing at her and smiling. She’s giggling.
Dad: Boyfriends, huh?
Mom: Tons of em. A whole flock.
Dad: Oh, stop.
Mom: Couldn’t go a day without kissing a boy.
Dad: Staaahp.

5: The dad turns the last light off, casting the room in dark shadows, lit only by the waxing moon.
Mom: Try not to worry about her, okay? Just give her space and things will be all right.
Dad: Yeah, yeah. Okay.